Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Official First Day

I'm calling today the official first day of my quest. We're talking about a year here. An arbitrary length of time but enough to show a difference if I persevere.

I'll need a photo of myself. I will take one and insert it later.

My weight: 246 lbs.

I'll also find a tape measure and measure a few key areas and insert them here.

This is, however, the third day of my Vegan Menu challenge. Last night I made Chinese Lettuce Wraps:

I didn't find Bibb lettuce at the store, so I went with this red-tinged type instead. It is soft, like Bibb, but the leaves are larger. So I filled them more. This recipe involved a fair amount of prep - that is, dirty dishes - nothing hard to do. It took me about an hour to get it on the table. Generous servings, as usual, and I ate two nevertheless. It was filling.

No pumping yet. I need to set myself some goals.

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