Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Slow Beginning

I figured I'd begin when I got home from my last trip. The day after. Yesterday was Monday, the day after I got home. I sort of got started. Most of the day I lay around and ate rather recklessly. Later in the day I went off to Whole Foods and bought the stuff on the list for one week's meals from Vegan Menu. I added a few things not on the list, for breakfast and lunch, but not much. I figure I'll have oatmeal for breakfast most of the time and lunch can be leftover dinner, because the recipes are usually for four servings. I am now committed to doing this one week. My plan is to do four weeks of Vegan Menu meals, supplemented by reasonably healthy lunches and breakfasts, as noted above.

My grocery cart
 You can see my grocery cart at left. It was a small cart, the two-layer smaller ones now available in some stores, so it looks like there is more stuff in there than there is. You also can't see how many vegetables and fruits are in there, because I covered them with some frozen, canned, and refrigerated foods. The fresh food constituted the majority of the basket. That is one characteristic of the Vegan Menu recipes: they rely a lot on whole, fresh foods.

Last night I was determined to make the first meal on the menu: Peanut Curry with Sweet Potato and Kale. It took a lot of chopping but was otherwise easy to put together, and the chopping did not need to be fine.  It was delicious. I ate, I think, two servings, generous servings. Because the recipes do not include added oil or other calorie-dense foods, I believe I can eat plenty and not worry about it.

Peanut Curry with Sweet Potato and Kale
The picture shows a bit of Naan that I ate with the curry. It took a bit of hunting but I did find vegan naan at Whole Foods. It is items like this that send me to Whole Foods. Most of the other items are easily available at any grocery.

I forgot to weigh myself today, as an official beginning. I will, however, go back to MyFitnessPal to record what I eat. Might as well get used to it.  Again.

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