Monday, July 21, 2014

What's it all about?

Yesterday my daughter suggested that I go on a bodybuilding kick. One year, she says, and my body will be amazing. She suggests this for me because she thinks I can do it but also because she'd love to have me there sharing successes and failures. She has been training for her second bodybuilding competition - in the "bikini" category. She finds it hard to stay intensely motivated, which seems to be required for this kind of competition.

But never mind Mary's story. I do wish she would tell it herself, keep a blog with pictures. But she's very busy and not as inclined to write about every damned thing as I am.  Let's get to the point of this particular blog.

I am 68 years old, fat, and vegan. Yes, I know that vegans are supposed to be skinny. That, my friends, is a myth. I am not alone in this camp of fat vegans. A lot of us would rather fit the stereotype but we are living with long histories of fat, metabolisms that don't like to crank up, and, in my case, an inclination to binge.  I have gotten thin and fit before. The last time was about 15 years ago. I slid back into old habits and now here I am again. This time I'll set goals and write about them here. And this time I will go more into muscle development, try not for six-pack abs but for a more defined look. As time goes on in here I should be able to define this general goal better.

To begin, I will describe my body as it is now, and post photos. I will do some research into bodybuilding for older adults, and I will set my first goals.

I am on a trip right now so I can't do it all right away. I will start with research and set some preliminary goals. If I can find a reliable scale I will post my weight and some measurements.

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